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  • Welcome to Knights Aquatics
    Welcome to Knights Aquatics
  • We stock a wide range of tropical fish!
    We stock a wide range of tropical fish!
  • Come and browse our large selection of marine fish and corals!
    Come and browse our large selection of marine fish and corals!
  • We have a beautiful selection of Goldfish and Koi as well as aquatic plants
    We have a beautiful selection of Goldfish and Koi as well as aquatic plants
  • We also stock a selection of easy to maintain water features
    We also stock a selection of easy to maintain water features
  • Aquariums to suit any home
    Aquariums to suit any home

Who we are

At Knights Aquatics we pride ourselves on offering a professional service along with quality equipment and great value. Our reputation is built on a wealth of knowledge and many years experience supplying fish keepers of all abilities. Recognition through industry awards and satisfied customers is testimony to our philosophy and we are sure that you will be delighted by the quality and variety of the livestock on show.


Knights Aquatics have the largest selection of fish in the area with over 50 aquariums stocked with quality Tropical and cold water fish from Loach and Tetras to fancy goldfish. We always keep good stocks of popular species together with many rare and unusual fish and tropical plants.

Tropical fish are popular aquarium fish, due to their often bright coloration which typically derives from iridescence. There are many varieties of species and most require a specialist aquarium set-up. We normally advise keeping fish from the same regions of the world together for example African Cichlids are native of lake Malawi or Tanganyika prefer hard water with an alkaline pH, whereas New world Cichlids originate from Amazon streams and prefer soft acidic water.

We have a comprehensive range of top brand aquariums from start-up tanks to tailor made systems for the enthusiast. Our experienced staff will advise on the ideal aquarium for your situation, we also have close links with maintenance companies who can service your aquarium and keep it in peek condition.

Almost every home is suitable for a fish tank but its positioning will have a significant effect on how successful your aquarium will be. Firstly avoid direct sunlight because it will drain your fish of colour and encourage growth of algae. Secondly avoid doors and radiators because fluctuations in temperature may stress your fish. It is also a good idea to site away from televisions and loudspeakers because sound vibrations will also cause stress.

Above all Remember a fish tank full of water is extremely heavy and re-positioning is not easy so take time when deciding on your location.


We specialise in marine fish and invertebrates and have a full range of aquariums, salts, skimmers and all equipment needed to keep marine species. Marine fish are instantly more attractive than freshwater, but although both involve a certain level of care and maintenance keeping marines requires a greater need for an understanding of their environment. If you are starting out, or have a limited fish keeping experience, we will help you to understand and consider these differences before you make your choice. Customers often ask if marines are difficult or take time, the simple answer is that marine tanks can take less or more time but this depends on the complexity of your tank setup and the types of livestock you want to keep.

A 'fish only' tank will require a similar amount of maintenance to any other tank whereas marine 'reef' tank, containing a full range of fish corals and shrimps will require considerably more care than a freshwater tank.

If you are an experienced fishkeeper or a novice thinking about trying a marine aquarium why not call in for a chat and some advice.


At Knights Aquatics you find all you need in order to design create and maintain a beautiful garden pond. Being water garden specialists we can supply everything for both enthusiasts and professionals. We know from experience which products will ensure success and offer reliable performance.

Our large pond section is open April – November and we have a comprehensive selection of pond fish, sturgeon, goldfish and top quality Japanese Koi carp.

It is important that you keep your pond water and fish in perfect condition and we stock pond treatments and remedies from the worlds leading manufacturers. Water test kits and adjusters check the water conditions and ensure the water quality has the right balance to keep your fish healthy. Water conditioners remove harmful chemicals while green water clarifiers and blanket weed treatments keep away unwanted suffocating plant life.

We offer a range of pond pumps for waterfalls, fountains and filters in a variety of power outputs from top brands including PondOne and Libel. Continuous running and reliability is important for good filtration and it is important that you choose a pump with the correct features for your situation. We will offer guidance and advice ensuring you select exactly the right pump for your pond.

We are also plant experts and offer a wide range of aquatic plants, compost and equipment for an attractive landscaped and well balanced water garden.

Water Testing & Treatments

We stock water test kits for Tropical, Coldwater and Marine aquariums to help ensure the correct water conditions and reduce the need for fish medicines.
Fish that are exposed to even small consistent levels of nitrite may perish or appear less vibrant while Corals that are deprived of the KH values may also perish or fail to demonstrate their true beauty.

Should remedial action be necessary our huge range of aquarium treatments will ensure your aquarium environment will soon be at its best. Fish medicines are available for many different types of fish including tropical and marine fish treatments and some for specific fish including Goldfish.


At Knights Aquatics we understand that diet is crucial for health of your fish.

So what are you feeding your fish?
We offer a comprehensive range of diets and recipes from the most popular to the more specific. Nishikoi and Tetra are always popular and we offer their complete range together with New Era, JBL, Aquarian and a range of live and frozen foods.

Overfeeding is common mistake among new fish owners it clogs filters and breaks down into toxins that are harmful to fish. A good rule of thumb is to feed once a day and no more than the fish will consume completely in less than five minutes.

Obviously herbivores are an exception to this rule and we offer a range of plants on which they can graze throughout the day. Remember when in doubt, underfeed!

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